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Our Guide Dog Puppy Zack (Number 8  ) born 27th January 2010
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Zack was born on 27th January 2010, one of ten puppies. Mother is Daisy and father is Yogi. He is a full Labrador, black, as you can see, and a lively and intelligent pup. He came to us in early March 2010, and very quickly settled down to the routines of the Coltham / Willow household.

Willow, who is 6, can be a little grumpy when she is 'attacked' by the new puppies, quite understandably, but she hardly ever disciplined Zack, who quickly got on the right side of her and they have a very amicable relationship. he is told off on occasions when things go too far, but submits to  her and they settle quickly.

June, and Zack is growing fast. Slim and handsome, but weighing more than his female friends, he is strong and energetic. Intelligent and fast learning h e is already a bit 'special', and we have high hopes for him

November and Zack has been neutered and is now a bit of a hooligan, as the hormones flood around!  However, he is very responsive and really knows his stuff when out and about. He and Willow now get on very well as he has grown up and 'ravages' her less.

10th February 2011 and Zack has gone on for further training. We wish him well, and are sure he will be much loved where ever he goes.

February 2012, and Zack has qualified!! He had some difficulties whilst training, some allergy problems that he has overcome, but is now a real Guide Dog in Leamington.  We look forward to meeting him again in due course. We hear good things of him.



JJune 2010

February 2011, and Zack goes on for further training.

He has been a delightful dog with us, bold, energetic and a bit of a 'hooligan'.

Here are some last pictures taken of him before he went at just a year old.


We all visited Zack when he was doing his final training at Leomington Spa in May 2011.