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Our Guide Dog Puppy Willow (Number 2), and she stayed with us!!
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Willow (Permanent Staff)


Living in Kent at the time, Willow came to us in December 2003, at six weeks old. We also had Rishka with at the same time for a few weeks so Willow settled in very quickly!!

Willow was the perfect puppy , although she went through the usual puppy issues, as all do. At about six months she was found to have a 'greenstick' fracture of her left fore leg, which resulted in an operation. Probably caused by some energetic playing with other puppies.

After leaving us in December 2004 for training, she had an eye test and a lesion in the retina of her right eye was found. She was taken off the scheme and returned to us permanently.

Willow has been the surrogate 'Mum' to 6 pups since then, one every year and provides the support and warmth for many a young pup. Setting out the pack order is one of her tasks, and does each pup very effectively!!

We love her dearly...and very much still with us in January 2013 as part of the family.



Willow passed on in the summer of 2016,   just short of 13 years old and very much loved and missed. what wonderful memories she has left for us.



With Rishka

Willow at 7 weeks

Willow, on the left , with Paris, who staying  for the weekend.

June 2005 in Devon, now 18 months old, and Willow in July 2006 on the right.

Ws at Charmouth beach with Rufus, May 2006

Willow is a real 'Family dog'!!

Willow in August 2007

```Even at 6 and a half, I'm still slim!!

Sorting out the Kids!

June 2011 and Willow  is nearly 8 and is a senior member of the household!
15th  October 2013, and Willow has her 10th birthday party!  A great day and lots of her friends came to join in the fun! They came in all sizes.

and a cake.....

Marshall, Dee, and Willow at Lyme Regis, Monmouth beach, April 2014

We are bit of a softy really!


2014, saw a big change for Willow as Gizmo, 8 week old Flat Coat Retriever came to stay, permanently.

Watch this space for many photos of them together.


..and sadly willow died in the Summer of 2016, put gently to sleep in the back of our car where she loved to sit and watch the world go by.

We were greatly upset as she had turned our house upside down and had carved a permanent niche in our hearts.

Sleep well Willow, out lovely lab.