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Our Guide Dog Puppy Kim (number 7), born 20th February 2009
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  Kim came to us on the 8th April 2009,  a lab/retr cross bitch.

Looking like a yellow lab, her character is very retriever!  Now about 6 months old (August 2009) she has shown herself to be a delightful young lady, full of fun, playful and intelligent. Developing in line with her age, she can be stubborn, can decide what she wants to do, but can be very rewarding and responsive at times.

We are continuing to develop her, give her challenges to overcome, and watch her grow up.

Kim went off for Advanced Training in March 2010. A happy dog, always 'smiling' and showing her bright side to people she is doing well in Leamington. We miss her dreadfully and are looking for her to do well in her training and, perhaps, come back this way.

Kim moves on to the Bristol Region on 16th June for her final phases of training. The best of luck!

December 2010. Kim is with a young lady at Ilminster in Somerset, just ten miles away from us. We hope to meet him when he has settles and see how he is getting on.

March 2011. Met his owner and all went for a walk in Ilminster then back to 'tea' with her and her mum. We do not give out names on this web site of Guide Dog owners, but we are overjoyed that Kim is where he is.

We have kept in contact with the young owner of Kim, who is not far away from us. Meeting up with her and her mother on occasions, Willow is pleased to play around and Kim treats her like her old Mum!

Jan 2013





Learning social interaction skills.

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May 2018-

Kim retires and her replacement is Willow!- both looking almost the same- with Kim on the right with a bit of respectful grey around her muzzle !