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Our Guide Dog Puppy Grace (Number 3)
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Grace was born on 7th October 2004, and came to us in December that year. She left us in October 2005 for training.

She is a three quarters yellow Labrador crossed with retriever, and had some of the retriever traits of activity and  noise!  

Whilst she came to us very small and we called her the 'runt' of the litter, she has grown into a large leggy dog, now taller than Willow by a couple of inches

She has been a delightful dog with us, forever hyper and excitable and she did not have the  steadfastness of character to make a guide dog. she was re-homed to a family near Dorchester and is very happy.

They have visited us here in Smallridge and the dogs have remembered the smells and familiar surroundings of her puppy-hood. Grace is now a delightful and much loved pet.

2013. We are in contact with her owners and know she fit and well.

2017. Grace now elderly but still fairly fit!