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Eve is a long haired German Shepherd bitch. She was born on 27th November 2007 and came to us in January 2008.Big and bouncy, Willow did not take to her at first. Always wary of this large wild looking 'wolf' thing which spent a lot of her puppyhood snapping at Willow heels, a calmish atmosphere prevailed between Willow and Eve.

Eve was delightful, if a bit vocal on occasions like all GSD's are, but not to any wearing extent. Big, she was always noticeable, and the time laying in the sitting room was spent stretched out fully in front of the fire.

GSD's grow up slower than others and she developed at her pace. Very responsive, walking well, with quick recall she would have made a super Guide Dog. However, at a pre-med for  her 'Spay' a low grade heart murmur was found, and she was taken off the programme to  be a guide dog.

Everyone noticed Evie, as we called her, and she was settled in with a family in the moors above Bodmin in Cornwall. We have seen her since and she is still a delightful girl.

What is particularly rewarding is that she is 'working' again, accompanying her owner to her work with young offenders, allowing the youngsters to treat her with affection and loyalty, giving a sense of achievement to the boys and girls on the offender programmes.

She engraved a special niche on our hearts. She left us in February 2009.

February 2011 and Eve has been away from us for two years. We still miss her, but have been in contact with her new owners in Cornwall. She has been renamed to Megan, as the owners' husband is called Steve, and a mix up might have occurred. We have been in contact with them and will be seeing them all this year.

We have kept in regular contact and Megan is fine and well....Jan 2013

Click on here for a report on her activities.



Now Ten weeks old and  lively, chatty, young lady, she has settled in and is out and about in Axminster and the surroundings. Still unable to walk on pavements and roads, as she has not had her second Injections, she weighs in at nearly 11 kg and is big, big girl!!